To all Urban Ops / RSMCs

As CUPW is our bargaining agent when it comes to negotiations with Canada Post, both parties are required to adhere to the Canada Labour code standards.

As you aware by now, our designated CUPW Negotiation chiefs for both bargaining units are now fully into our rounds of discussions with Canada Post. Also just as a reminder, this is the first time we have requested thru the Minister of Labour appoint mediators as per section 105 (1) of the Canada Labour Code.  Canada Post agreed and the mediators are now assisting both the Employer and CUPW.

As postal workers, we need to support our National CUPW negotiators thru our rounds of discussions with Canada Post for a fair and equitable Collective Agreement for the Urban Ops/RSMC’s from our Program of Demands 2018.

Just so you know, back in 2011, the Harper Conservative government introduced Bill C – 6 which in essence meant less wages and the stripping of our right to collective bargaining as provided for in the Canada Labour Code. C-6 also contain language called “Final Offer Selection“. It is also worthy to note that this “FOS” was heavily biased towards Canada Post. And because of this, it would have meant the imposition of cutbacks by Canada Post.

And in the January 2016  round of Collective Agreement negotiations, Canada Post once again introduced a lot of rollbacks which our postal workers collectively fought back against. It is important to also know that we achieved only a short 2 year Collective Agreement as our CUPW NEB ( National Executive Board ) were waiting for the Public Review of Canada Post and to initiate a Pay Equity Review for the RSMC’s.

Fast forward to today,  and based on an announcement made by CBC on January 24 2018, we now know what their Liberal reforms are for Canada Post is.

  • Continuation with the moratorium on any more CMB conversions for those already still have door to door delivery
  • A National task force ( unknown as to will be involved ) to address members of the public who have accessibility issues to CMBs
  • A high priority to improve labor and mgt. relations
  • Canada Post to be re-classified under the Financial Act, meaning renewal of Canada Post services to all Canadians at the heart of its operations


Q – What is the difference between a Lockout and a Strike?

A – If there is a serious impasse or stalled talks during the bargaining process with Canada Post, Canada Post may chose to lock out our postal workers because they demand alot of rollbacks/concessions from us. Its a pressure tactic to try and break our rank and file from achieving a just and fair new Collective Agreement that addresses the many issues that affect us postal workers whether we are in a Postal Transformation and/or RSMC work enviroment.

A Strike on the other hand is used as an absolute last resort and affects all of us. It can present challenges to us BUT we must remain firm as much of our Program of Demands are shared issues that we need resolved. Our CUPW Chief Negotiatiors and support staff are working hard in preparing and forwarding our concern/evidences to Canada Post negotiators for serious consideration. It is our struggles and hope that we have mutual resolutions to the above.

So in the event of a Strike, out Local requires your contact information as soon as possible so that we can issue our members Strike pay in a timely manner.

Please fill out our fillable Strike Preparation Contact Form.pdf below and click Submit Form  when you have completed it. Your personal information will treated as private and confidential.

***Note: Our Contact Form will be posted online soon. Please check back again. Thank you.

In sol,

CUPW Royal City Local 740