Tuesday November 14 2017

This morning, CUPW met with Canada Post Corporation and officially served notice to bargain for both the urban operations unit and the RSMC unit.

Request for Mediation

At the same time, we submitted a letter to the Minister of Labour requesting that she appoint mediators as per section 105 (1) of the Canada Labour Code. The intent of asking The Minister to appoint mediators from the outset is to assist the parties in achieving a negotiated contract. This request for mediation does not start any countdown to acquiring the right to lockout or strike.

Presentation of Demands

The next step will be to present our programs of demands to Canada Post, on a date to be determined shortly.

Get Informed and Show Your Support

Your involvement and support are essential to the success of these negotiations. We’re stronger when you’re informed and ready to take action. The best way to stay up to date on negotiations is to sign up for CUPW’s E‑Digest. This will enable you to receive the most recent information directly to your mailbox. You can sign up by clicking on the following below,

The success of these negotiations depends on your participation in your Union!


Sylvain Lapointe
Chief Negotiator, Urban Unit
Nancy Beauchamp
Chief Negotiator, RSMC bargaining unit