Below are the list of forms including 3 others in this pull down index that are currently in use notwithstanding any other form revised or otherwise that may be put into circulation at your depot level. If you are unsure about filling out a form or for the purpose of the form you require, please see your floor shop steward for further review.

These forms are the most up to date as of this past Sunday September 27 from our Employee self serve, Intrapost site. We have posted them for your convenience as follows,

Note: You can choose to print the form(s) listed and send it in by mail as required, email or fax as per instructions on the form. If you require further assistance, you can contact Canada Post’s Access HR at 1-877-9090 and/or our Local at 604-515-7600 to leave a message.

In solidarity,

CUPW Royal City Local 740