As in any employer workplace environment, the overall health, safety and well-being of our workers is vitally important to all of us. From our Union executives and our strong 54,000 membership, we seek not only to improve the language in our Collective Agreements, but to ensure that our employer, Canada Post management acknowledges a shared commitment as per Health & Safety Policy statement in Art.33.01 of the Urban and whereas RSMCs, as per Art.24.01 of our Collective Agreements. And whereas any other relevant related provisions of Articles in both Collective Agreements that addresses our Health & Safety.

What does LJOSH/Health & Safety reps do?

  • Participates in a once a month meeting with Depot mgt. to discuss old/new business for the purpose of Minutes to be posted on the shop floor
  • Participates in Accident/ Fire/Hazmat/Evac/Power outage investigations with Depot.mgt. Record and obtain copies for our Local for review
  • Review Depot installation/facility issues with Depot.mgt ( usually a comprehensive checklist is used ) Be sure to get a copy afterwards once completed
  • Review Evacuation process with Depot mgt.
  • Record any information that will help any Health & Safety issue (s) that may compromise the well being of our workers
  • Be prepared to write up a grievance if necessary.

Note: Our local is always looking to hear from you if you are interested on being a part of the CUPW LJOSH committee/ Health & Safety rep in your Depot. Shop Stewards are not limited to just a steward but can be a H & S rep too. Simply email to express your willingness.