To our RSMC’s Sisters/Brothers

Most of our RSMC’s are aware of the use of our Schedule A’s. This is a form document outlining most of the their required details in order to compensate the route holders and/or OCREs ( On- Call Relief Employees ). There is also a daily Log Sheet that our RSMC bargaining unit uses to keep track of PCIs ( Personal Contact Items/Scannable parcels )

Each Depot that have RSMC routes, SS route updates are done at least semi-annually by the Depot mgt.

Our current RSMC Collective Agreement does not call for a CPC paided CUPW Union Observer to be present at the time they conduct there audit unlike parts of Art.47 of the Urban C.A., but it doesn’t mean our Local cannot arrange to have one. If there is compelling concerns raised by the route holders such as GMB’s/RMB’s and/or CMB’s where POC’s ( points of calls ) by Pull numbers that don’t match, by that we mean POC’s that are suppose to be in designated sites according to THEIR information,. There have been instances where certain POC’s where suppose to be at site 123 A St., but then you discover certain addresses associated to that Pull number are at another site. And as a result, you may had to go back to site you already visited. This affects the overall drive time values. Please notify your RSMC supervisor to help correct THEIR information.

Please click on the following link to see our National CUPW bulletins on

We are always looking for RSMC’s who wish to help us as Shop Stewards make a difference in improving the working conditions for the RSMC’s in each of the 8 Depots in our Local.

Should you have questions and/or concerns you can email our Local

In sol,

CUPW Royal City Local