Friday January 19 2018

On November 14, 2017 the Union requested the Minister of Labour appoint mediators as per section 105 (1) of the Canada Labour Code.  Canada Post agreed and the mediators are now assisting the parties.

The Process…

Both parties have met and agreed on how the process should unfold.  Meetings are currently scheduled over the next few weeks to have intense discussions to find solutions to our issues (demands).  The role of the mediators will be to facilitate these discussions.  Mediation this early in the process is meant to further the concerns and needs of the membership by ensuring that Canada Post hears the issues and problems on the work floor.

A First for CUPW

The Union has agreed to participate in this process in good faith. We are hopeful that it will assist us in negotiating a collective agreement that will meet the needs of both bargaining units and improve services to the public.

We will provide updates as these mediation sessions continue.

A New Approach to a Successful Negotiation!


Sylvain Lapointe – Chief Negotiator, Urban Ops Unit

Nancy Beauchamp – Chief Negotiator, RSMC Bargaining Unit