Tuesday April 3 2018

We have now completed the testimony of 2 of the corporation’s witnesses; Rob Sinclair, Director of Labour Relations and Susan Whitely, Director Delivery Strategy (formerly the Director of National RSMC Operations), in front of Arbitrator Flynn in the Pay Equity Arbitration:



The Only Expectations They Have During Your Work Day:

  • RSMCs cannot start their day prior to mail available time (Schedule A-1);
    • RSMCs cannot clear mail from a street letter box before the posted clearance time (any time after is fine);
    • RSMCs must have mail back prior to when the mail truck leaves.



Route Management System (RMS):

  • The corporation can change the time values associated with the RMS anytime they want;
  • The money associated with the activity values was obtained through “chatting with colleagues and personal observations”;
  • The line of travel is a “suggestion”, with a personal or a corporate vehicle;
  • Some RSMCs are “fortunate enough” to use their personal vehicle for work;
  • The RMS is not used when restructuring routes;
  • The routes are built to 5 or 6 RMS hours to leave time for non RMS “variable” activities (PCI, lock changes, flyers);
  • CPC does not want to create systems around bureaucracies or processes that cost money;
  • RSMCs are fairly paid.



  • RSMCs can take leave under the C/A whenever they want;
  • Helpers can be used everywhere and anytime;
  • Once new RSMC’s are trained, the policies and procedures, found in the training manuals are merely suggestions;
  • There is no scheduled start time, RSMCs are free to come whenever they want after mail available time (see expectations).

The union was very surprised to hear the representatives of Canada Post taking these positions. It is the total opposite of the documents, training manuals, policies and direction from management on the workfloor.

We did not let their position go unchallenged. We will keep you posted. Our next hearing days are: April 18, 19 and 20th. The final arguments are on May 2nd.


Disclaimer: This bulletin is for information purposes only.  Although the corporation took this position in arbitration, it is not the reality on the workfloor.

In Solidarity!


Members of the Pay Equity Committee,

Nancy Beauchamp
Pay Equity Committee Member
Barb McMillan
Pay Equity Committee Member
Cathy Kennedy
Pay Equity Committee Member