Friday September 7 2018

Your negotiating committee has now had an opportunity to review and analyse the RSMC global offer that we received from Canada Post on September 7 in the afternoon.

There are many key issues missing and unacceptable proposals from Canada Post.

Key Issues:

  • Job security – CPC says NO!
  • Paid for all hours worked – CPC says NO!
  • Hourly rate of pay – CPC says NO!
  • Guaranteed minimum hours – CPC says NO!

Here is what is in CPC’s global offer:


Canada Post is proposing a four-year collective agreement starting January 1, 2018.


Offering a 1.5% increase in activity values for each year of the collective agreement.

No increase in the basic pay ($60.00 per day) for Permanent Relief Employees (PRE) the next four years.

Route Management System

CPC stated at the presentation that the current route management system (RMS) “is ideal”, however, they are willing to look at the work content, with the help of the Union, over the life of the collective agreement.


CPC agreed to provide a 12 month restructure schedule to the Union, but can add or withdraw a restructure with 10 working days notice.

CPC proposes changes to the restructure process to increase its flexibility to change routes without doing a restructure. Change the definition of restructure from moving 5% of Points of Call (POC) to 10%.

In offices with 5 or less routes, CPC wants to restructure these offices at their discretion. CPC could “restructure” these offices without actually moving any POC.

CPC proposed new bidding rules for restructures that would limit the use of seniority when selecting new routes.

Parcel Delivery

The Corporation would have the sole discretion to take parcels from any route and give them to another RSMC employee (route holder, PRE or OCRE) to deliver during the week or on weekends. This work would be paid at $2.00 per delivery stop, to the door or receptacle, plus vehicle expense and the existing 20km zone rates for drive time (no annual increase). There is no overtime being offered to perform this work. Any parcels delivered under this provision will not be counted as PCIs on the log sheets.

Extended Health Care Plan

Physiotherapy – if any employee exceeds $5000 per year there must be a medical report reviewed and agreed to by third-party medical provider.


CPC is proposing that the parties promote the use of slip resistant footwear. The Corporation would be able to offer incentives. There would be no obligation to participate.

Pension Plan

CPC did not propose any changes to the pension plan during the life of the collective agreement. They are, however, proposing to review and “find solutions” to the sustainability of our pension plan, short, medium and long-term, based on a study that CPC sponsored.

Recall Rights

The effective period for recall rights would be increased from 12 to 24 months.

No proposal for job security.

Union Education Fund

CPC is proposing to change its contribution to the Union Education Fund from 3 cents per paid hour to $50.00 per employee per year.


CPC proposes to add skorts and jacket liners to the uniform list, but with no increase in point allotment.

Absence Coverage

Permanent Relief Employees (PRE) in offices with 13 or more routes (is 14), effective January 1, 2020. No other proposals to provide additional absence coverage.

Dental Plan

Dental fee guide will be updated on January 1 of each year with a one year lag.

Respect = Equality!!

CPC claims that they believe in equality and secure, fairly paid employment. This offer does nothing to address the issues that are important to RSMCs. True respect means full equality for RSMCs.

What we can say now is: We Deserve Better!

In Solidarity,

Nancy Beauchamp
Chief Negotiator, RSMC Bargaining Unit
Sylvain Lapointe
Chief Negotiator, Urban Unit