Friday November 2 2018

Today, the mandate of the mediator appointed by the Minister of Labour, Ms.Patti Hajdu, ended. The mediator, Mr. Morton Mitchnick, had been working with the parties since October 24, 2018.

In spite of the assistance of the mediator, Canada Post has refused to resolve any of your key issues.

The Strike Continues

We will continue to work hard to achieve your important demands. Our strike actions will continue and they are having an impact, which is clear from Canada Post’s recent communications. In today’s communications, Canada Post stated:

“Trailers full of parcels, packets and mail waiting to be unloaded and processed are backlogged in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, with more arriving. Once processed, these items have to be delivered without overburdening our delivery employees…”

Here is what Canada Post is also stating publicly:

“We value the relationship with the union and have been able to find common ground on some issues. We have also committed to work together to address employees’ workload concerns caused by parcel growth, additional financial services and going beyond pay equity for Rural and Suburban employees by extending job security…”

Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, Canada Post refuses to take your demands seriously and bring solutions to address concerns about health and safety, workload, staffing, wages and equality for all.

Continue to support the strike activities and put pressure on Canada Post to work with the Union to find solutions to the key issues that are important to postal workers.


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The Struggle Continues!