Saturday November 17 2018

On Saturday, November 17, 2018 we responded to Canada Post’s November 14th global offer by presenting them with a global offer that addresses our needs and our demands.

A Negotiated Collective Agreement is Possible

We believe that our proposal can be the basis of a collective agreement. To that end we have requested that the Minister of Labour appoint a mediator to assist the parties to negotiate a collective agreement.

Our Proposal

  • Wage increase of 2.9% for each year of the collective agreement starting February 1, 2018 including protection against inflation (COLA).
  • The elimination of the wage charts for employees hired after February 1, 2013 and the introduction of new wage charts with the lowest rate being 85% of the top rate and a 3% increment each year.
  • Temporary employees will progress through the wage charts based on working 1,000 hours in a fiscal year.
  • Pay for injury on duty to be at 80%.
  • Improvements to the Short Term Disability Plan (STDP) including a better appeal process. Unlimited carry-over of personal days and the pay increased from 70% to 75% of your wages.
  • Reduce over-burdening for letter carriers by doing a study to determine the best way to update the mail volume index and percentage of coverage calculations. The results of this study would be agreed upon and implemented during the life of the collective agreement. If no agreement is reached, it would be determined by a technical arbitrator.
  • Parcel, packet and lettermail volumes would be updated once per year.
  • Health and safety – letter carriers to get a time allowance to merge manual and sequenced mail at the sortation case. One bundle delivery.
  • Limits on unwanted overtime, including the suspension of compulsory overtime on other routes (clause 15.14) for the duration of the collective agreement.
  • Group 1 (internal) Staffing – Increase the number of full-time positions by improving the language in clause 39.06. Full access to all information required to verify staffing.
  • Protections for victims of domestic violence in our collective agreement.

There are many other demands included in our global offer. These are just some of the issues.

Stand Up and Fight For What You Deserve!