Thursday March 7 2019

*Please note that the deadline for applications to Labour College is March 31, 2019

Are you committed to building stronger and broader labour and social justice movements?

Do you want a better understanding of the forces that shape workers’ lives? Do you want to be part of an activist network, and build up your research and strategic planning skills? Are you an activist with a demonstrated commitment to playing a leadership role in your union and building the labour movement for the future?

If so, then the new Labour College of Canada Certificate Program is for you!

Workers from unions across the country are eligible to attend this post-secondary program. It is offered in English. Francophones from Quebec may attend Le Collège FTQ-Fonds.

The program aims to:

  • build leadership skills and provide leadership tools
  • foster empowerment, self-confidence and new networks of labour leaders
  • strengthen critical thinking skills
  • examine working class struggles and human rights issues that affect all workers
  • create change.

How does it work?

The program is divided into three sessions that can be taken in any order, in multiple locations. Each session includes an on-line and in-person component. All sessions will require preparation and reading, and some work following each session related to an independent project (LCC Project).

Course Schedule

To complete the program, students must successfully complete the online orientation, the online and in-class courses for all three sessions, and the independent work between sessions, associated with the LCC Project.

1st Session

ONLINE: May/June 2019
IN-CLASS: July 7-12, 2019 (ON)

2nd Session

ONLINE: December 2019 / January 2020
IN-CLASS: February 2020 (BC)

3rd Session

ONLINE: May/June 2020
IN-CLASS: July 2020 (ON)

LCC Project

Independent work (for a total of 40 hours or more) will be required following each session.  Some of this work will require online assignments or presentations.

A note about the IN-CLASS sessions

  • In-class (week-long) sessions take place during CLC week-long schools in BC and/or Ontario.
  • Courses start at noon on the Sunday and end by 3 pm on the Friday.

Areas of study

Areas of study include:

  • Political Economy
  • Theory and Practice of Unions
  • Project Planning and Research Skills
  • Organizing and Education for Change
  • Communications
  • Labour Leadership
  • Globalization, Trade and Labour Law, and more.

Who should apply and costs?

CUPW members who:

  • Have taken union courses
  • Are active in the union
  • Are active in social and economic justice issues in their community
  • Members of equity-seeking groups are encouraged to apply

As outlined in section 11.04 of the Constitution (Joe Davidson Education Fund), CUPW covers the costs of one participant and a second applicant will also be funded by CUPW.

Apply by March 31, 2019

Interested members should apply by submitting the 12-page application to the Labour College registrar.

For more information

For more information on the program, course dates and locations, go to this link:

For an online application form:


In solidarity,

Dave Bleakney
2nd National Vice-President