Guide for Delegates to CUPW’s National Convention

Is it your first time attending CUPW’s National Convention? Do you want to know more about what goes on? Watch this short video to find out what it means to be a delegate and how to participate.

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To our Sisters & Brothers,

Our Local office will be open for business as usual from May 13-17 2019 during our National Convention. Should you have any enquiries, please contact your designated Depot Shop Stewards or office at 604-515-7600. You can also email your concerns/issue to A member of our Executive will get back to you.

On behalf of our CUPW membership, we extend our well wishes to all the CUPW Sisters and Brothers who where elected as Delegates to our CUPW National Convention in Toronto. They are our voices from each of our 8 Regions across Canada. There will be much work and discussions,our opinions and views with how we democratically shape our next mandate for our Union. There will also be elections that will be conducted towards the conclusion of this Convention and as per our CUPW Constitution, all the National & Regional Executive positions will have lists of nominees to be voted by all our elected CUPW Delegates. We will inform everyone as to the results as soon as its made available. Please continue to show your strong support not only for our Union, but for a new Collective Agreement that reflects on our diversity, equality and prosperity in our ongoing struggles with Canada Post.