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Important Local Update

May 23, 2019

Re: Rebidding cancelled annuals due to the Strike

To all Brothers and Sisters,

Our Local has consulted with the Corporation, and there is now an agreement on how cancelled weeks of annuals that some of our members are carrying due to the Strike will be handled.

In each depot, a new and separate column on the annual leave schedule will be created. All the members who are carrying weeks of annuals that were cancelled during the Strike will bid by seniority on the weeks available. Please note, this is a new and separate column with NO blocked out weeks.

This is ONLY for the weeks being carried over due to the Strike. Other weeks being carried over due to other reasons DO NOT apply.

Once all the affected members have bid their weeks, all the remaining weeks in the column will be blocked out. Please inform other members in your Depots of this important information.

Please call our Local Office if you have any questions or concerns.

In solidarity,

Alvaro De La Cruz (President)