Thursday June 13 2019

Day 15

On Day 15, Toni MacAfee – Atlantic Regional Education and Organization Officer testified about negative, non-medical comments that Canada Post management was telling Great-West Life/Morneau Shepell Case Managers to enter in employees’ STDP files. After that, Geoff Bickerton – Director of Research testified on the history of Group 1 staffing and how we have fought for many years to maximize full-time employment and how important this issue is to us.

Day 16

On Day 16, Nicolas Presne – National Union Representative, Staffing and François Senneville – National Director for the Quebec Region and a Member of the negotiating committee testified on the issues about Group 1 staffing (internal workers). Nicolas explained what information we currently receive and why we need to get better access to information. François testified on our proposals to improve the language in clause 39.06 to include temporary hours and access to information. Our proposals would allow us to convert part-time and temporary hours to full-time positions in the locations where these hours are worked.

Our Remaining Issues…

Our evidence is nearing completion and then Canada Post will present its evidence. The next hearing dates are June 26, 27 and July 4, 5. We will be presenting our evidence on proposed changes for injury on duty pay (WCB), job security and contracting out for both units, maintaining pay equity and our wage and cost of living demands.

Negotiated Agreements = Improved Relationship

If Canada Post is really serious about improving the relationship with CUPW, then they need to come back to the table with a mandate to negotiate fair collective agreements for both Urban and RSMC units.  A better relationship will not be achieved by sitting back and having the Arbitrator draft two new collective agreements.

Tell Canada Post, No More Delays. Negotiate Now!!