Friday June 7 2019

The retro wage portion of the pay equity award will be paid on June 13, 2019. Below is information provided by Canada Post.

A detailed breakdown of the underlying data will be available, for each pay period in the retroactive period, on Employee Self Serve (ESS) beginning on Sunday June 9th.

When you log in to ESS, there will be detailed instructions on how to access the data. There will also be a phone number to call if you require further instructions.

Is the Retro Pay Correct?

The details on ESS will be broken down by each pay period. The details will be itemized by your basic pay, vehicle expense variable allowance, Short Term Disability Leave (STDP), Extended Disability Leave (EDP), maternity leave and work on other routes. By having access to this data a member can verify if the amounts are correct. They will also be able to determine if there are errors, which pay period the errors occurred. This should enable the correction to be resolved quickly.

What if I was on Workers Compensation (WCB) or Employment Insurance (EI)?

For RSMCs, PREs or OCRE who were on leave, which was supplemented through EI payments, your EI wages will not be increased at this time for the period in question. CPC will send the adjusted earnings to EI, then EI will be responsible to increase your payments. Please note that once EI reconciles the amount, CPC will then have to calculate if there has been an overpayment. Any member in this position is encouraged to seek help from their shop steward.

Also, if a member was off on Injury on Duty or Worker’s Compensation, there will need to be a reconciliation of the new wage rate with what the member was paid by WCB. That will also happen at a later date

Disagree with the Amount?

If you disagree with the amount of your retro payment, email with all the pertinent details or contact Canada Post’s AccessHR.

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Nancy Beauchamp
Pay Equity Committee Member
Barb McMillan
Pay Equity Committee Member