Thursday June 20 2019

While the retroactive wages have been paid and the phase three payments remain on track for this fall, there are other issues we are working on.


Issues in Dispute 

1.      Isolated Post Allowances (IPA):  Canada Post is refusing to pay the IPA on all hours worked as is the case in the Urban Operations unit. We will be going back in front of Arbitrator Flynn on August 26, 27 and 28 for her to decide this issue.

What We Are Working On

2.      Miscellaneous Taxable (code 2809):  Retro pay has not been paid for this work. The Union needs clarification as to what is covered by this code and then will need to come to an agreement with Canada Post on how the members will be compensated for this work.

3.      Training:  Some training has had the retro adjustment applied and others have not. There is no distinction in the data why some received the retro adjustment and not others.

4.      Union leave:  For the retroactive period, CPC has entered as “unpaid leave” all days of union leave where RSMCs stay on the payroll and where the Union later reimburses the Corporation. As such, the retroactive pay will have to be paid out by the Local.

5.      Leaves paid out:  Retro pay has not been paid out on newly acquired Annual Leave or Pre-retirement Leave that was paid in Phase One of the Pay Equity Award.  The Union and Canada Post will need to reach an agreement as to when this will be paid out.

6.      Legislated payments:  Members who have received pay from Workers’ Compensation Boards (WCB) or from Employment Insurance (EI) have not received retro pay on these payments.  The Union and Canada Post need to come to an agreement on who will pay the retro, and we need to ensure that neither WCB or EI will claw back the money.


Stay Tuned

Please keep reading our bulletins. We will keep you posted on our progress in resolving these issues.



Nancy Beauchamp

Pay Equity Committee Member

Barb McMillan

Pay Equity Committee Member