Friday July 19 2019

As mentioned in the previous bulletin, some issues were resolved and language was signed. These changes will be implemented prior to the new collective agreement. The following are more details about these changes.


Restructure Bidding

Effective in July, there are new procedures for bidding following restructures.

  • The determination of how the bidding will apply is now based on a ‘component’. A ‘component’ is defined as “the RSMC routes in an installation with the same restructure implementation date.”
  • The bidding process will now apply to all restructures, no matter how many routes there are in the component being restructured
  • If less than 50% of the routes in the component, prior to the restructure, are involved, the bidding will be done on a route by route basis. The only change in this process is that it is now based on retaining 50% of the points of call on your route instead of 60%
  • Where the restructure involves more than 50% of the routes in a component, prior to the restructure, all the routes in the component and all permanent relief positions in the installation will go up for bid by seniority.


Activity Component Protection

Effective, either the date of signing of a new collective agreement or December 1, 2019, whichever comes earlier, any RSMC route holder shall have their activity component protected for up to 3 months following a restructure. If the activity component is lower, on their new route following the restructure, the route holder shall be paid their previous activity component for 3 months. If a route holder obtains a different route during this 3 month period, the pay protection ends.


Work Content Committee

The new Appendix on the work content committee is effective no later than October 4, 2019. This will be a joint committee to study the work content and the workload of RSMC routes. This committee shall look at all the work that RSMCs do and attempt to determine a new method for assessing the workload and compensation for RSMC routes.

This committee shall consist of 3 CUPW members and 3 CPC members. If you are interested in sitting on the committee, check future bulletins from national office on the selection process.  The committee shall make recommendations to the NEB and CPC upper management no later than July 1, 2021. These recommendations are not binding on the parties.

Access to Information

The parties signed an Access to Information memorandum of agreement. We will now have access to all the information that Canada Post utilizes to restructure RSMC routes. This includes access to the Georoute software that is now used to restructure many routes, the rural and suburban route management system (RSRMS), a yearly restructure schedule and the current Schedule A-1 and A-2 prior to the start of a restructure. There is also an oversight committee to review and resolve any restructure or information issues.

We have equity! Now time for equality!