To: All Urban / RSMCs

Wednesday September 25 2019

DSRA – RSMC Log Sheets / Urban Edit Books

Canada Post Corporation (CPC) is working on a new modernized system called Delivery Systems Re-Architecture (DSRA).

Through this new system CPC has currently digitized the RSMC log sheets and Point of Call (POC) maintenance report. This means that information currently captured manually, will now be captured on the Portable Data Terminal (PDT). CPC will be implementing this new process nationally on September 30th, 2019. Log sheets will continue to be provided if requested.

At national consultation, CUPW raised concerns on the ability to verify the accuracy of information captured or inputted into the device. Canada Post provided the following safeguards for verification.


RSMC Verification Safeguards

  • RSMC will have the ability to review the entered data on a daily basis through the PDT.
  • If a supervisor alters the number of parcels/PCIs the supervisor must make these changes in consultation with the RSMC and the Union.
  • If changes to any counts are made in the supervisor’s computer system their account will be flagged, and the supervisor must confirm that they did this change in consultation with the Union/RSMC.
  • Up until the completion of the annual inspection, RSMC can access a running total on their PDT to date. After the completion of annual inspections, all information will be archived. Archived Information will be made available for review if requested.
  • A print out of inputted information can be requested weekly by the RSMC, and the supervisor must provide a copy.  If you do not have access to your supervisor, please keep track of all values submitted for verification purposes.  If no supervisor is on site, contact your Local Union Representative to ensure that any requested printout is provided by CPC.


Urban Verification Safeguards

  • The information currently captured in the edit books manually will be now captured on the PDTs (EXAMPLE – Number of doors, stairs, etc.).
  • In almost real time, requests are sent to local management.
  • Letter Carriers will be able to view on the PDT that the request is pending. Once the supervisor has received the request, they have to action it within 4 days and mark it as completed.
  • Once the requested change is completed, letter carriers will be able to view on the PDT that the change has been completed. Letter Carriers will need to log out and log back in to refresh the list request. The route value is updated in the PDT display once per week.
  • CPC will be responsible for keeping edit books up to date as well as providing printouts of the changes.



CPC has stated that there will be no compensation provided to RSMC for this training stating that it is not a “significant” amount of time and can be absorbed into their route. CUPW disagrees with CPC’s position and is currently looking at their options.



CPC’s position is that if overtime is incurred due to this training, the letter carriers will be paid accordingly.

Please notify your local if there are any issues that need to be addressed at national consultation as this new process is implemented.


In solidarity,

Rona Eckert
National Union representative – Consultation
Nicolas Presne
National Union Representative – Staffing, Walk and Route Evaluation