Friday August 30 2019

We are coming up to the final phase of the wage adjustment for Pay Equity. As of now, we are on course for the payment to be released sometime in October. Phase 3 payment will include payments for Rest Period Allowance, PCIs and Admail. RSMCs will also see adjustments on their Schedule A for activity values for PCIs and Lock Changes.

Union Dues Deduction

Along with this payment, members will see a deduction for retroactive union dues. With the increased rate paid to RSMCs, they will see an increase in Union dues going back to January 1, 2016. As we get closer to the date of the Phase 3 payment, we will provide more detail as to how this deduction will be calculated and deducted.

Pay Equity Mediation

On August 27th, we were in mediation with Canada Post in front of Arbitrator Maureen Flynn on the issue of Isolated Post Allowance (IPA) for RSMCs who are not scheduled for 8 hours but work more than their Schedule A hours. The Union had argued that Appendix “H” states that part time are to be paid the allowance for any hours worked in excess of their schedule. Arbitrator Flynn made it clear in her previous decision that she was not going to order pay for all hours worked, so the Union had an uphill battle.

After much discussion, Arbitrator Flynn has issued a Consent Award that sets out how the Isolated Post Allowance will work for RSMCs:

  • RSMCs whose Schedule A is 12 hours or more a week:
    • They shall receive the same allowance as a full-time Urban Ops member
    • They shall receive the same travel allowance as a full-time Urban Ops member
  • RSMCs whose Schedule A is less than 12 hours a week:
    • The IPA shall be prorated and based on their Schedule A hours
    • The travel allowance will also be prorated based on their Schedule A hours.

Still Sorting Out Issues

In addition to the Phase 3 payment, there are still many issues the parties are working on to finally resolve Arbitrator Flynn’s decision, and we are getting closer to a resolution. The outstanding issues are: contractual language, retroactivity for those who were on Injury on Duty Leave or paid leave from Employment Insurance, B.C. Health (which is anticipated to be corrected in September), voucher payments and the Life Insurance estate payment for RSMCs who passed away between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2018. 

Stay Tuned.


Nancy Beauchamp
Chief Negotiator, RSMC bargaining unit
Barb McMillan
Pay Equity Committee Member