Friday September 20 2019


Phase three of RSMC retro payment will be on the October 17th pay. This payment will cover the retro payments for the Rest Period Allowance (RPA), Personal Contact Items (PCI) and admail (Neighbourhood Mail).

All items, with the exception of admail, will cover from January 1, 2016 up until the October 17 pay period. On a go forward basis, compensation for the PCIs will be an activity value in Appendix “A”.  The pro-rated RPA will appear on your bi-weekly pay statement. As the compensation for admail changed for Letter Carriers on January 15, 2018, the retro period will be from January 1, 2016 up to and including January 14, 2018.

We are still in consultation for the Phase Three payment but we anticipate that members will be able to check the accuracy of the payment in the same manner as the Phase Two payment (Intrapost). Any questions on this portion of your pay please contact Sister Barb McMillan at We also encourage you to check your Schedule A to ensure that you have been given time values for your PCIs (2.75 minutes) and Lock Changes (2.31 minutes).

Union Dues Recovery

Included with the Phase Three payment will be the recovery of outstanding union dues. As we have stated before, members will have to pay union dues for the new wages they have received.

The Union will only recover money from the Phase Three payment on this pay, which means your basic pay for this pay period will not be touched. There will however, be retro dues collected at the rate of double dues each month until the recovery is complete if your Phase Three payment is less than the amount of union dues owed. The retro recovery will be based on your actual wages (activity value and variables) up to a Letter Carrier maximum, minus what you have already paid.

Letter Carrier Maximum Dues*

Year Months Amount Yearly Total
2016 January $77.40
February – December $859.98 $937.38
2017 January $78.18
February – December $872.85 $951.03
2018 January – December $952.20 $952.20

*This amount does not include the Local Assessment

Example: Your yearly actual wages prior to the retro payment was $40,000.00, you would have already paid $684.00 in union dues. After the retro payment, your actual wages were $52,000.00. The dues payment on $52,000.00 is $889.20. For 2018, you would then owe $205.20 ($889.20 – $684.00).

If you have any questions on the Union Dues recovery please contact Sister Bev Collins at


Nancy Beauchamp
Implementation Committee
Barb McMillan
Implementation Committee