Wednesday December 18 2019

On your October 17, 2019 pay, there was a deduction for union dues arrears. This should have been the final deduction for union dues arrears due to the pay equity decision.

Unfortunately, Canada Post made an error in the calculation. They did not deduct union dues on the retroactive rest period allowance payment (RPA).

How Much Will I Pay?

The amount of this deduction will vary depending on your Schedule “A” hours and how much you paid in union dues in each year covered by the retroactive payment. If you have already paid the maximum amount in dues for each of those years, then you will not have anything deducted.

A dues calculation based on the amount paid to you for the rest period allowance for 2016, 2017 and 2018 will be made and will be deducted from you if you have not paid the maximum amount of dues each year.

When Will This Deduction Occur?

The dues will be deducted from your January 9, 2020 pay. Canada Post will be sending a letter to all RSMC members affected, explaining this situation in more detail.

CUPW is sorry that this error occurred and for any inconvenience this may cause but CUPW can only calculate union dues on amounts paid to you as provided by Canada Post.

In solidarity,

Beverly Collins
National Secretary-Treasurer