Masking Against Covid-19

At the start of this unprecedented pandemic as announced by the World Health Organization, there was very little known about the impact this virus had on our “normal” way of everyday life. Masks as you know, was not a prerequisite and therefore not essential by our medical professionals.

Some of our frontline postal workers started to make and/or buy masks early on anyway. However our employer didn’t believe it was required, but rather instructed our members to focus on hand washing and adhere to the 2 metre distancing efforts was sufficient at the time.

Today after watching and hearing daily results of more COVID -19 cases rise, everybody in the Medical/Science, federal government had recognized the need to re-think around the required use of non-medical masks in our workplace and in public. Though there are non-medical masks that can be made available, at least it is now understood that these masks can at least help to minimize this Covid-19 virus from spreading throughout our communities.

Our Union, has posted recent National bulletins around the use of masks below,

CUPW is constantly addressing your Health & Safety concerns that you may have. Please contact your Shop Steward and/or our Local should any difficult issue(s) arise during this pandemic.

Stay Well. Stay Safe.

In solidarity,

CUPW Royal City Admin.