The planet is burning.   California is ablaze. Large swaths of Western Canada and the US are so smoke filled that it is unsafe to go outside.

The air quality is so bad in parts of British Columbia that Canada Post suspended mail delivery in many locations.

These fires and the resulting smoke are a direct result of climate change.    The ground is tinder dry and the trees are weakened because of a lack of water and other nutrients. Sadly, forest fires are an all too common result.

People in BC are dealing with dangerous air quality because of fires in the US.   The smoke does not stop at the borders. But this is a global issue. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change produced a report 2018 IPCC Report that warned us that the globe was heading for a two-degree rise in temperatures, and all that represents. The time to act boldly is now. In fact, we are late.

Coupled with the devastating effects of COVID- 19, it is clear that we need local, national, and international responses to protect our planet, ourselves, and our economy.

CUPW is working with a coalition of groups to advocate for a Green New Deal.   We want solutions that  care for our planet, safeguard workers and their families,   keep seniors , people with disabilities and others safe,  respect Indigenous people, and defend public services.

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