Tuesday October 13 2020

British Columbia provincial Election Day – October 24th – is approaching quickly. We encourage all union members to engage in this election and especially cast your ballots. The provincial government can profoundly affect the lives of workers.

CUPW is over 7,000 members strong in British Columbia. We can be a big factor in electing a government that supports better lives for working people, that will improve public services and that will put people first in our fight against the pandemic.

As electors, we understand that politics is about choices. Choices that have a tremendous impact on our everyday lives. Getting the right information and asking pointed questions to your candidates are crucial.

Will this party or candidate support bold actions to face the climate emergency? Will that candidate support people in need? Will this party advance policies that will help working families? Will the lives of my children or my aging parents be better with this candidate or that party?

Candidates who really represent the interests of the wealthy and powerful often like to dress up their policies as worker-friendly.

Do a little research and see: does it add up? Always question what is presented as fact and do a little inquiring of your own, because your vote makes a difference.

Voting for a government that represents workers takes just a little of your time but is a big step towards advancing all working people, including postal workers and our future!

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