Thursday October 15 2020

On June 11, 2020, Arbitrator MacPherson ordered that all continuous service of the RSMCs since they became employees on January 1, 2004 be recognized for the right to post-retirement benefits.


This means that RSMCs who decide to retire with 15 or more years of continuous service have the right to enroll for these significant benefits. It is a purely voluntary choice. This right includes the full Extended Health Care Plan as well as dental coverage.

RSMCs who must retire due to a disability are also entitled to these benefits even if they have less than 15 years of continuous employment (this entitlement began January 1, 2016 as a result of Arbitrator Flynn’s decision in the RSMC pay equity case).


After several discussions with Canada Post representatives, it was agreed that the option of post-retirement benefits would be available to RSMCs who retired prior to June 11, 2020 if they had 15 years of continuous employment (i.e. since January 1, 2019).


Unfortunately, Canada Post has not yet sent these retirees the documents they need to select this option. However, after several discussions with Canada Post, it has made a commitment to send these documents in November, with priority given to RSMCs who have already retired.

It is therefore important that these individuals keep their receipts for medical services, including medications and other eligible expenses, since June 11, 2020 as they will be able to claim these amounts as soon as their insurance coverage comes into effect.

Considering the above, premiums will be retroactive to June 11, 2020 or since their retirement as the case may be if taken after that date.

It is possible that some of these members are currently in such a situation that it is financially impossible for them to purchase life-sustaining drugs. If you are in this situation, inform your steward or your local so we can raise the issue at the national level and ensure that a solution is implemented.

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