Thursday December 14 2017

On Monday, December 11, Canada Post made presentations on its financial situation and on parcels. We made our own presentation about Canada Post’s financial reports.

CPC’s Financial Situation

Canada Post, once again, presented a gloom and doom outlook of its financial situation. Canada Post mentioned numerous times that “status quo” is not an option for future financial sustainability.  We continue to hear about how declining mail volumes are impacting the Corporation’s profitability. We followed the CPC presentation with our own presentation that reviewed Canada Post’s documents. We reiterated that the financial future of Canada Post can be a success story if they focus on growth and new products and services for the public.

Parcel Volumes Continue to Explode!

In Canada Post’s presentation on parcels, they talked about the exponential parcel growth including the forecast for a record setting year for volumes. Canada Post also spent a lot of time discussing their competitors and what consumers are demanding for flexible service options. Canada Post also continued its messaging on the need to remain flexible and have the ability to adapt quickly in this very competitive market.

Impact on Negotiations

We believe the growth of Canada Post should be based on new services for the public and not on lowering labour costs. We will focus on ways to reduce overburdening by structuring RSMC, letter carrier and MSC routes to accurately reflect the volumes of parcels they deliver. The time has come to stop the Canada Post practice of cutting costs on the backs of our members.

Canada Post stated throughout their presentation that the funding for the pension plan is very volatile. We made it clear to them that we will defend our defined benefit pension plan at all costs.

Canada Post continues to be profitable and it is time to negotiate improvements in our collective agreement and to stop hiding behind gloom and doom forecasts and questionable reporting of information.

We Do the Work – It Is Time For Recognition!


Sylvain Lapointe
CUPW Chief Negotiator, Urban Ops Unit

Nancy Beauchamp
CUPW Chief Negotiator, RSMC Bargaining Unit