Tuesday December 12 2017

The continued growth in parcel volumes is causing Canada Post to offer more weekend work and more work on statutory holidays. It is important that if you work on a statutory holiday that you are paid correctly.

How Should You Be Paid?

Clause 16.03 of the RSMC Collective Agreement applies when you work on a designated (statutory) holiday.

16.03 Working on Designated Holiday

An employee required to work on a designated holiday shall be paid in addition to his or her regular rate of wages for that day, at a rate equal to one and one-half (1½) times his or her regular rate of wages for the time that the employee worked on that day.

What this means, is that in addition to being paid your regular rate of wages for the stat day whether you work or not, you will also be paid one and one-half (1.5) times your wages while you work. Canada Post’s position is that if you only deliver parcels, your “wages” will be your drive time and that you will not be paid time and a half for your Personal Contact Items (PCIs). The Union’s position is that you should be paid time and half of your regular rate of wages, which is the difference between your annual pay and your vehicle expenses.

Did You Work on November 13, 2017?

If you worked on Monday, November 13, 2017, you worked on a designated (statutory) holiday and should have been paid, as per clause 16.03, at time and a half of your “regular rate of wages for the time that” you worked that day. Canada Post has only agreed to pay time and a half on your drive time. This position is not in line with the language in the collective agreement

You Were Not Paid Correctly!

Canada Post said they would pay time and a half for your drive time for working on November 13, 2017. The Union’s position is that this is not correct, so please contact your Local office and provide them with your pay statement(s). We need to hold Canada Post accountable and ensure that they follow the provisions of the collective agreement.

The Union is continuing to investigate this issue and determine our next step(s).


Rona Eckert
CUPW National Union representative – Consultation