Friday March 9 2018

A major need of Letter Carriers and Mail Service Couriers is “Access to Information”.  This means access to how your route is structured, including the background information, data on the percentage of coverage, volume base of parcels and software used to structure routes.


Restructures and Union Observers

During the different phases of a restructure, the Union Observers involvement is limited. Without Access to Information, it becomes impossible to verify if the calculations are correct and, therefore, if the routes that are built have the right time values. Union Observers need information to verify all phases of a restructure and denying Access to Information makes this nearly impossible.


Access to Information is Key!

The demand for Access to Information and Union participation in all aspects of route restructuring is an integral part of our negotiations. It impacts every other demand that has been put forward by Group 2 (Letter Carriers and Mail Service Couriers).

Georoute Software

We have been fighting to get full Access to Information since Canada Post introduced the Georoute software. Prior to its introduction, we had full access to all the information required to verify that routes were being built or structured according to the provisions of the collective agreement and the  rules that apply. We have important demands to address the excessive workload but without Access to Information, how could we ensure that the right time values are applied and that all the rules are respected? We must get Access to Information!

More Information Equals Better Understanding!



Nancy Beauchamp
Chief Negotiator, RSMC Bargaining Unit
Sylvain Lapointe
Chief Negotiator, Urban Bargaining Unit