Friday March 2 2018

We have now completed 7 days of the Pay Equity Arbitration. The Union has completed our case and we are now awaiting Canada Post to put forward their evidence.

Both CUPW and Canada Post took the arbitrator to Kanata, letter carrier depot in Ottawa, to see RSMCs and Letter Carriers at work. We were able to demonstrate to the arbitrator that if they did not have different coloured uniforms or if one group did not have old and the other had new equipment, she would not be able to say who was an RSMC and who was a Letter Carrier.


Unequal Pay

As we had said in our previous bulletins, Canada Post is insisting that RSMCs are paid more than Letter Carriers. Canada Post is using a Point of Call Compensation Methodology to demonstrate this pay difference. For the Union, this is a cost and not a compensation methodology. This new compensation methodology ignores a great deal of RSMC work such as driving long distances and delivering to Rural Mail Boxes. We believe and we continue to state to the arbitrator that this is discriminatory and in violation of the Pay Equity Legislation.



Last time when we were in bargaining and even in this round, Canada Post was not interested in changing the Route Management System (RMS). This is the System used by CPC to structure RSMC routes. Basically they were satisfied with their system however the union and employer did introduce a number of new activity values to better reflect the actual work of RSMCs.

Also last round and this round CPC has said that the Letter Carrier Route Measurement System (LCRMS) is archaic and needs to be changed, as it does not reflect the actual workday of a Letter Carrier.  This is the System used by CPC to structure LC routes. In December, CPC gave the negotiating committee a presentation to demonstrate the flaws of the LCRMS. This presentation was intended to prove that overtime for Letter Carriers is through the roof and that something needs to be done.

In the Pay Equity Arbitration, Canada Post is complaining that the RMS is outdated and inaccurate, the LCRMS is an accurate measured system and overtime by Letters Carriers is not a problem.


Who is Telling the Truth?

So who is telling the truth? Does Canada Post think we will not notice their inconsistencies? Alternatively, do they think when it comes to discrimination against women; you should not let the facts get in the way of a good argument? Our next days of hearing are: March 15th, 21st, 22nd and April 14th, 16th.

Please keep reading our bulletins, we will keep you posted.

In Solidarity!

Nancy Beauchamp
Pay Equity Committee Member
Barb McMillan
Pay Equity Committee Member
Cathy Kennedy
Pay Equity Committee Member