General Meeting

Thursday May 24th 2018


Maple Ridge Senior Center

12150 224 th Street, Maple Ridge


  • Minutes from the previous meeting
  • Financial Report
  • Reading Correspondence
  • Report of the Officers
  • Executive Recommendations
  • New Business

Notice of Elections forPresident & Executive Chief Shop Steward

Nominations will be accepted on the floor at May 24th 2018 at the General Meeting.

Please read following page for duties

The President Duties:

(a) Be an elected officer and be the full time paid officer of the local, and be at the highest maximum rate not to exceed 106% of a PO external 3; howeverin the event that the incumbent of the position was recieving a salary that was higher while in the bargaining unit, that salary will be maintained.
(b) Fulfill those duties outlined in Article 9.11 of the National Constitution
(c) Be an ex-officio member of all Local communities
(d) Shall have the right to appoint a member of the Local Executive Board to be responsible for the direction of each committee with the exception of the Nominating Committee, on which no executive member may sit.
(e) Be responsible along with the Grievance Officer for the grievances in the Local.
(f) Sign all official documentson behalf of the Local and sign cheques along with the Secretary Treasurer.
(g) Be responsible for local Union – Management meetings.
(h) Be empowered to call a special meeting of the Local executive Committee or the Local Executive Board.
(i) The President shall have the authority to appoint Shop Stewards as needed. In the event of a vacancy to an Executive position,the President may assign duties and responsibilities to other members of the Local Executive Board pending the filling of the vacancy by election.
(j) Be the official spokesperson for the Local whenever a statement is required to the communications media or when other occasions demand.
(k) Interpret the By-laws of the Local and the President’s interpretation shall be maintained unless it is contested and such contest is supported by the majority of the members assembled at the General Membership Meeting.
(l) Take initiatives for the good and welfare of the Union on matters not provided for in the Local By-laws.
(m) Be, along with the Vice-President responsible for Education in the Local;be, along with the Vice-President responsible for the publication of the Local’s newsletter;
(n) Assist, and be responsible along with the Secretary-Treasurer in the discharge of his/her duties with regard to the funds and financial records of the Local, in particular withregardto the deposition of all funds recieved and the proper accounting of all funds disbursed;
(o) Assist, and be responsible for, and be in charge of all Chief Shop Stewards of the Local along with the Executive Chief Steward.
(p) The President shall serve as the Director of the Royal City Assistance Society;
(q) The President shall be responsible for the RoyalCity CUPW 740 website. the President shall appoint a qualified Chairperson to the Website Committee and shall oversee the work of this committee. The President shall be responsible for monitoring the content of the Website and have the authority to remove or change postings.

The Executive Chief Steward shall;

(a) Be an Elected officer of the Local
(b) Be in charge of all Chief Shop Stewards and Shop Stewards in the Local
(c) Be responsible for the co-ordination and prganization of the efforts, and efforts and actions of the Chief Shop Shop Stewards of the Local.
(d) Assist the Vice-President in the responsibility for Health & Safety in the Local;
(e) Assist the President in preparing Strike structures and information pickets
(f) Be a member of the Organization Committee and direct their work;
Conduct Shop Steward meetings with the assistance of other Executive members.

In solidarity,

CUPW Royal City Local Executive