Friday May 18 2018

As mentioned in our previous bulletin, the parties have been meeting in sub-committees. The goal is to achieve some of our demands before the more intensive phase of negotiations, which is set to start on June 4. In short, we want to create momentum.

Issues under Discussion

We have presented our demands, but are currently focusing on the following:

  • Maximizing full-time positions in Group 1 (internal staffing). The current system does not allow for the conversion of part-time, temporary and overtime hours to full-time positions, in the locations where these hours are being worked.
  • Creation of a new classification: Heavy Duty Truck Mechanics. This would allow for more vehicle repair and maintenance work to be done by our members; many of whom are already qualified to do this work. Much of this work is currently being contracted out.
  • Conversion of per-piece payments for personal contact items and lock changes into time values for RSMCs. Since they are not pensionable, these per-piece payments have an impact throughout retirement.
  • Access to the information needed to enforce the collective agreement and the work rules it contains. We must be able to ensure that what we negotiate can be verified. This applies not only to letter carriers, but also to RSMCs and inside workers.


Employer’s Demands

Canada Post has also submitted a few issues which we will be discussing in more detail in the coming days. These issues are as follows:

  • Restructuring process for RSMCs
  • Appropriate footwear for letter carriers and RSMCs
  • Review of the Group 3 and Group 4 classifications (technical services)
  • The future of delivery (dealing with the parcel volume increases and fluctuations)
  • Temporary employee assignments

We will provide more information as it becomes available. In the meantime, it is important that activities in support of negotiations continue.
Your Support is Essential.
In Solidarity!

Sylvain Lapointe
Chief Negotiator, Urban Unit

Nancy Beauchamp
Chief Negotiator, RSMC Bargaining Unit