Friday November 23 2018

Ottawa – This morning, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) and the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) condemned the Trudeau government’s back-to-work legislation. Once again, CUPW and the CLC are calling for free and fair negotiations between CUPW and Canada Post for its two biggest bargaining units.

Trudeau’s move puts his government at odds with the labour movement as a whole and runs counter to their narrative of support for unions. This is the first time this government has introduced back-to-work legislation, and the message it sends to employers is troubling.

“The right to strike is an integral part of the collective bargaining process. Without it, an employer has no incentive to bargain in good faith, and workers have no recourse to demand a fair process,” said CLC President, Hassan Yussuff yesterday.

On top of that, CUPW National President Mike Palecek says the government is responding to a fictional crisis, “Canada Post seems to have convinced Trudeau that Christmas wouldn’t come without back-to-work legislation.”

“But the mail was moving, and people know it. People have been getting their mail and online orders delivered. That was the point of our rotating strike tactics, not to pick a fight with the public.”

Palecek urges the Liberals to find a way to pull back. “It’s never too late to act out their stated principles,” he adds. “Negotiations can be successful – keep the mediator, the government can direct Canada Post to negotiate fairly.  They said all options are on the table, what happened to that one?”