Liberal Government Betrays Postal Workers, Passes Back-to-Work Legislation!

Saturday November 24, 2018

OTTAWA – The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) is exploring all options to fight the back-to-work legislation fast-tracked through the House of Commons early this morning which will send our members back to the same old unresolved problems in the workplace at the busiest time of the year.

“Postal workers will not accept another violation of our right to free collective bargaining,” says Mike Palecek, CUPW National President. “It’s not just a matter of our Charter rights. This bill legislates continued injuries, unpaid work, gender inequality, and general dishonesty and disrespect.”

Going back to work under the old collective agreements means that between now and the holidays:

  • At least 315 disabling injuries will happen to postal workers;
  • Rural and Suburban Mail Carriers (RSMC) will work roughly 250,000 hours without pay;
  • Urban postal workers will work thousands of hours of forced overtime;
  • RSMCs will continue to be treated, as Canada Post calls it, with “equity but not equality”.

Prior to this round of collective bargaining, the Trudeau Liberal government had claimed to be a champion for the labour movement, but through this fast-tracked legislation, it is clear that it has turned its back on postal workers.

“We condemn this hypocritical act by a government that promised to defend workers’ rights, claimed to stand for equality for women, and claimed to stand for expanding and defending the middle class,” says Palecek. “It’s unacceptable for any government to violate workers’ Charter rights. Shame on the government, who promised us better.”

The Bill was debated in the Senate today. The third reading will resume on Monday, November 25 at 2 pm ET. It has not yet been signed in to law. Meanwhile, rotating strikes and the overtime ban continue, as do negotiations.