Tuesday November 20 2018

For the past 30 days, 50,000 postal workers have been taking turns on the picket lines in the hopes of obtaining:

  • decent jobs;
  • help with their workload;
  • pay for all hours worked; and
  • an improved short-term disability program.

Are we being unreasonable in asking our employer to resolve our major issues: health and safety, gender equality, decent middle class jobs?

The answer is NO!

Money is not always the answer

When dealing with health and safety, money is not what our members need. They need concrete actions, such as simply letting letter carriers sort sequenced mail in their sorting case. This is a simple solution, which doesn’t cost $10 million, and would reduce the risk of injury. Are we asking too much?

The answer is NO!

Canada Post, are you listening?

Hey Canada Post management, come back down to earth and check out social media. Members are angry that you’re not listening. The Union’s negotiating committee is here and ready to finalize new collective agreements. We represent our 50,000 members and we are listening to what they say, and so should you.

This could be finished in a couple of days, if CPC has the will to address our key issues.

Brothers and Sisters, speak louder!

It appears the message is not getting to CPC here in Ottawa. We are not being taken seriously when we talk about our members experiencing distress because of overburdening, having to work more than their scheduled hours without getting paid, and quitting their job because they have no guaranteed work.