Monday November 12 2018

After many attempts to resolve the many outstanding issues that were necessary to achieve negotiated collective agreements, the parties remain far apart. The extended mandate of the mediator Mr. Morton Mitchnick has now expired.

In spite of the continued assistance of the mediator, Canada Post failed to address your key demands on health and safety, staffing, over-burdening, job security, a reduction in precarious employment, fair wages for all and a better work-life balance.

What Now?

Your National Executive Board will determine what strategy to use to continue to put pressure on Canada Post to address these very important issues. You must continue, through your strike activities, to tell Canada Post that improvements to the collective agreements will provide decent paying, safe and secure jobs for all postal workers. The days of you being injured because of over-burdening and a lack of staff must end. It is time to have a reasonable workload and descent working conditions.


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Its Not Over Yet, Keep Up the Fight!