Friday November 9 2018

The Union continues to work hard, with the assistance of Mediator, Mr. Morton Mitchnick, to move our negotiations forward. Your negotiating committee has presented all of our key issues to Mr. Mitchnick and we have given him the full background of why these issues must be addressed.

The Work Will Carry On

Mr. Mitchnick’s mandate was extended until Saturday, November 10, 2018 and your negotiating committee will not stop working to achieve your demands until we have success or the final second has ticked away. We feel your support and that energy will keep us going through the night, if necessary, to achieve the collective agreements you deserve.

In the Meantime…

As the work continues at the bargaining table, it is more important, during the next couple of days for you to remain strong and united and to support your demands. Everyone is watching right now and as postal workers, we must show them that we are determined and that we will fight for proper staffing, good middle-class jobs, equality for all as well as safe and decent working conditions.


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United We Win, Divided We Fall!