Thursday November 15 2018

Canada Post has been saying in the media that they have offered “job security”. What Canada Post has offered is not real job security for the RSMCs whose jobs might be eliminated.

Why Is Job Security So Important?

RSMC’s work has been recognized as being of equal value to the work of letter carriers and they will get the same compensation as letter carriers. Canada Post may consider that they have lost their self-proclaimed “competitive advantage,” decide to contract out our work, or reduce our routes and our income.

In future restructures, the Corporation may implement sequenced mail and reduce the activity and time value for sorting mail. This could cause a reduction in routes and RSMCs could lose their jobs, if they do not have job security.

True job security is based on secure, valuable and predictable work, and securing the future of our work.

What Did Canada Post Offer?

Canada Post offered “Employment Security” for RSMC route holders who are scheduled for at least 12 hours per week and have at least 10 years of continuous employment as a route holder and/or permanent relief employee (PRE), at the time they were made surplus through a restructure. The employee or employees, who would be made surplus, would likely be route holders with less than 10 years of continuous employment or permanent relief employees. They would not have any job security and would lose their jobs.

If an RSMC actually meets the above criteria, they would be declared surplus. Canada Post could then assign them to perform any bargaining unit work within a 50 km radius of their installation.

A surplus RSMC could be offered (based on seniority if more than one surplus employee) a vacant route within a 75 km radius of the installation where they were made surplus. The route offered could be substantially smaller and pay less than the previous route. If they refuse they will be laid off. If there is no position available the surplus RSMC will continue to be paid for 1 year.

RSMCs Deserve REAL Job Security

This is not an acceptable proposal from Canada Post! The vast majority of RSMCs would have no job security or only 1 years’ notice of a lay off. RSMCs deserve real job security that will protect their future earnings. Your negotiating committee will fight to get job security provisions that will protect your jobs and your income.

You Deserve Security – Now is the Time to Fight For It!