Friday November 16 2018

Our National Executive Board and the negotiating committee have been reviewing Canada Post’s latest offers. It’s clear they’ll have to do better – these offers are not a basis for settlement. The union is preparing a response.

While we do that, the NEB thanks all members for the hard work that you have been doing to hold the line.

It’s Never Easy

Bargaining power is not easily come by, that’s why it means something. When we reach the point of strike action, we know we’re asking you to make real sacrifices – you feel it, your family feels it. But it’s an investment in building our collective power – the future is a lot longer than the present. It shows Canada Post just how committed we are to our demands, and that we mean it when we say they have to address our core issues.

Patience = Courage

With an employer like ours, it takes time to see the results of job action. But if you look, you can see the moves, however inadequate, in CPC’s second set of offers in October and in their offers of this week.

Canada Post tries to tell you they’re being generous, but they just want you to take the pressure off them. If you read between the lines, it shows that the strike is moving them off of their positions. We need to maintain the pressure until they can’t avoid dealing with our real concerns, until we can go back to work in safety, in fair and equal conditions.

Our negotiating committee has laid out just what we need in a negotiated settlement. We need to keep the pressure on until Canada Post accepts the reality of it. Let’s show them what we’re made of.

In Solidarity,

Mike Palecek
National President