Saturday November 24, 2018

To all CUPW Royal City local Urban/RSMC’s:

As per our CUPW National Executive Board, our entire local  continues to be on Strike until further notice. Until back to work legislation becomes law, CUPW will still be able to conduct legal strike action.

The shameful actions by the Liberals have unilaterally decided to ignore a 2011 Ontario Supreme Court ruling decision that deemed back to work legislation introduced and put into law by the Conservatives to be unconstitutional.  Today in 2018, the Liberals are also taking away our right to negotiate for a fair working agreements for both of our bargaining units. We will not allow this Federal government to unfortunately bully us and we shall seek legal and lawful recourse.

Out Local Executive thanks you for your continued support & Solidarity. Our negotiators continue to work around the clock and make every effort on our behalf to attain a new set of Collective Agreements that addresses our working conditions and inequalities for all workers.

We are happy to share news that we are informed that there has been some positive movements at the tables. Despite this shameful move by the Liberals, it does appear that there is some pressure on the Employer to resolve the labour dispute.

We are heartened by the many other unions and allies who are rallying to support our workers in CUPW.

Our Local Picket Captains will continue to contact you with our ongoing strike action information picket duties. Our plan is also to continue to picket the Liberal’s MP offices to voice our disappointment and anger towards their violation of our right to free of expression and the right to strike as per our Constitutional Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom.Please stay tuned to our Local website, for further information as it develops.

In solidarity,

CUPW Royal city Local Executive