Friday March 15 2019

Day six of the arbitration for our collective agreements has now been completed. On March 14, 2019 we continued to present our evidence on issues related to letter carrier delivery and over burdening. Cari-Anne Gordon, a letter carrier from Saskatoon was cross-examined by Canada Post’s counsel regarding the video footage of her delivering on her route and her testimony on the difficulties of using the back-to-back method. National Union Representative Carl Girouard testified on the history of the arbitration on the two-bundle delivery methods. He walked the arbitrator through the many decisions, the ergonomic study relating to this unsafe delivery method and the need to have this finally resolved.

Arbitration Moves to Kanata

On the morning of March 19, 2019, Arbitrator MacPherson, legal counsel and members of the negotiating committees will be visiting the Kanata Depot. This will allow the arbitrator to see, first hand, postal workers at work. She will be able to see the work that PO4s, RSMCs and letter carriers do inside the depot. After the depot visit, the arbitration will continue at a location in Kanata. We will continue our evidence on letter carrier over-burdening and compulsory overtime.

Your Help and Support is Key

Your ongoing support and assistance is the key to our success. The negotiating committee will continue to put forward evidence about; improving the STDP, Group 1 staffing, RSMC compensation and restructures, to name a few of the issues remaining.

The Fight For Improved Health and Safety Continues!