Friday March 22, 2019

On March 19, the day started out with a visit to the Kanata Depot with Arbitrator MacPherson. The purpose of the visit was to show not only the work environment of Letter Carriers, RSMC’s and PO4’s, but to also to allow the Arbitrator to see an actual facility with all the mail products and how it is processed for delivery.

Tuesday’s Testimony

After the visit to the Kanata depot, the hearing continued with the testimony of Sharon Mackey, a PO4 (postal clerk) from St. John’s, NF. Sharon told her story about giving up her letter carrier job, which she loved, to take a PO4 position, working night shift, in the St. John’s mail processing plant so to avoid being harassed for not completing her route within 8 hours.

In the afternoon, Stephen Gale (letter carrier and member of the negotiating committee) testified to the Union demands for solutions to the Health and Safety issues overburdening has caused to letter carriers.

What’s Next

The next hearing date is on April 2 and the day will begin with the Corporation’s cross-examination of Stephen Gale. After that we present evidence from Brother Roland Dandy, a Hamilton, ON letter carrier, about forced overtime on his route.

Also on April 2, we will begin our evidence on RSMC compensation, pay for all hours worked (including overtime), route restructures, workload and coverage of all absences. We still have many issues to present and we will continue to prepare evidence and witnesses for the upcoming dates.