Friday July 5 2019

Union Completes Evidence

Day 20 started with the cross examination of Nancy Beauchamp, Chief Negotiator RSMC. She reaffirmed the reasons why we must have language, in the collective agreement, to maintain Pay Equity.

Our last witness was Dave Bleakney, 2nd National Vice-President, who testified on our demand to increase the amount that Canada Post provides to the Union for the education fund. He testified that the costs associated with providing education have increased dramatically while the amount paid into the fund per hour paid has remained the same since 1995. He also testified that the number of issues we must educate our members on have increased.

Canada Post Evidence is Next

Now that we have completed our evidence, the next step in the arbitration process is for Canada Post to present its evidence. There will be a break in the hearings until August 20 due to the schedules of the arbitrator and legal counsel.

Once Canada Post completes its evidence, we will have the opportunity to provide rebuttal evidence (reply evidence). Prior to the arbitrator writing her decision, both parties will provide legal arguments based on the evidence provided during the hearings.

Negotiated Agreements = Improved Relationship

We must all continue to remind Canada Post management, at every level, that the best way to try and improve the relationship between the parties is to attempt to resolve issues through negotiations. Imposed collective agreements rarely make either side happy. Tell Mr. Doug Ettinger, the new President and CEO of Canada Post, that we want negotiated collective agreements.

Canada Post, Its Time to Get Back to the Table!