Thursday January 30 2020

February is a time to raise awareness of the Black History in our country and around the world that has been historically overlooked, minimized, ignored, or erased.

Each year, our National Human Rights Committee’ issues a commemorative poster. This year, the poster brings to light some of Ontario’s Black history and how Black workers and neighbours have shaped, and continue to shape, the province that we know today.

With every step forward in anti-racist and anti-oppression education, we honour the strength and achievements of our ancestors, we celebrate the living history of those of us who are now surviving oppression, and we look forward to the more equitable society we are building.

Our future as workers relies on challenging and dismantling the systems that have divided us. We will be united in our power, once the contributions of all workers are recognized and appreciated.

That’s why the Human Rights Committee’s work is such a crucial part of CUPW’s mission.

Look for Black History Month events in your community and be a part of the ongoing work for rights and justice.

It’s part of our responsibility as a union to keep up the fight and refuse to be divided.

In solidarity,

Jan Simpson
National President