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Dear Sisters:
Dear Brothers:
Dear Friends:

The National Executive Board has declared a vacancy in a position of Regional Education and Organization Officer in the Pacific Region. As per the provisions of section 3.37 of the National Constitution, this position must be filled by election at the next Regional Conference.

Nominations are now open for a position of Regional Education and Organization Officer, Pacific Region. Only members in good standing may seek election to this position.

  • Nominations must be:
    - Moved by a member in good standing;
    - In writing, signed by the mover;
     -Accepted by the candidate in writing and signed;
    - Received by the National Secretary-Treasurer by 17:00h (Pacific Time) on April 14, 2020:

Beverly Collins
National Secretary-Treasurer, CUPW
377 Bank Street, Ottawa, ON K2P 1Y3
Fax: 613.563.7861

Those currently holding elected national or regional positions considering nomination for this position should review section 3.35 of the National Constitution. The date of the election will be communicated once the date is confirmed.

In solidarity,
Beverly Collins
National Secretary-Treasurer