Thursday September 3 2020

This Monday, September 7, is Labour Day a time for organized labour to be seen, heard, and united. We celebrated with workers of the world on May 1 – international workers’ day – and in September we have a statutory holiday which, for us, holds much the same meaning. Labour Day has been a holiday in Canada since 1894.

We encourage members across the country to participate in local events that show workers’ collective strength, advocate for better rights and protections, and celebrate our achievements.

This year especially has shown what we’re made of, and how we respond when workers are faced with danger and insecurity. Our union and others worked hard to protect workers from COVID-19, a threat of a kind that many had never seen in their lifetime. Employers and governments have recognized the essential nature of more jobs and workplaces, but many frontline workers are still not adequately protected – or adequately compensated – for their important work and the risks to which they are exposed. Racialized and other marginalized communities have been hit disproportionately hard by the pandemic. In a time of crisis, we lean on each other and use collective measures and collective power to solve our urgent problems.

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