Wednesday October 14 2020

We are still meeting virtually with CPC on the issue of pay increments and the corrections.

Canada Post has started paying out members who were underpaid and expect everyone to be fully compensated by the end of 2020.

For the members who were overpaid, there has been an agreement between the parties that CPC will not start the deductions of your pay until January 7, 2021. You will then be entitled to clause 35.06, which restricts the deductions to 10% of the employee’s pay.

However, if you are in a situation where you owe CPC money and they owe you money, CPC will deduct the money that you owe from what they have to pay you. As per CPC’s policy, you can make an arrangement with AccessHR if the deduction at 10% puts you in a situation of financial hardship. Every situation will be looked at on a case by case basis.

Canada Post will send a notification by mail to these affected members. This notice will also include an itemization of the payment or overpayment.

If there are any discrepancies on the review of your pay, please contact Joanne Gomercich at You can also contact AccessHR by phone at 1-877-807-9090 or by email, Please ensure to include a reference to Article 35.08 in your email subject line, so they can review and respond to your request as quickly as possible.

For a detailed summary of Article 35.08, please refer to Bulletin #084, published on February 20, 2020. It can be found here:

In Solidarity,

Joanne Gomercich
National Union Representative – Grievances