Tuesday October 13 2020


I would have liked to write to you today to let you know that this pandemic is finally behind us.

Unfortunately, and despite what some people may think, we are now in that dreaded second wave that has been anticipated since last summer. As our National President Jan Simpson recently stated in her September 23rd bulletin, we must remain vigilant and ensure our safety.

Since the beginning of the second wave, Local Joint Health and Safety Committees have made sure that Canada Post has sufficient personal protective equipment for all workers. Moreover, the wearing of disposable or reusable masks is now part of our social and professional realities.

At the last National Joint Health and Safety Committee (NJHSC) meeting on September 17, CUPW reminded the Corporation of the seriousness of this second wave. CUPW has asked CPC to remind local management of the health measures put in place in April and May 2020 to counter the spread of the virus.

We would like to remind you that locally agreed measures, especially those that help physical distancing, should always be in place in your workplaces.


We are also approaching the time of year that is statistically the darkest in terms of mental health. Therefore, the second wave is accompanied by a dramatic increase in the level of anxiety, triggered by work or everyday situations that we face, largely due to the increase in COVID‑19 cases.

If you are feeling more anxious than usual, don’t hesitate to contact your social steward, a union representative, or CPC’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

We will maintain pressure to ensure that planned and implemented health measures are maintained and communicated appropriately, just as they were during the first wave.

More than ever, we will need the involvement of each and every one, both at work and within society at large, to ensure that this second wave is flattened and that a return to a more normal life is possible.

As always, we strongly encourage you to report any concern or problem to your local or regional office.

Together we will win!

Marc Roussel
National Union Representative – Health and Safety