To all our CUPW Members ( Urban & RSMCs) in the Royal City Local,

Most of you have wondered what happened to our website. We have firstly changed our website host provider after researching to address our technical needs for both now and into our future for you. We are very excited for these added positive new changes to add to some of the older format we used to have before. Our new site is both not only cost effective but still retains our ability to strongly communicate to you, our members about what’s happening currently locally and nationally.

We thank you as we  move forward collectively as one voice for you, our members, in our struggles with our employer, Canada Post. Our goals will always be to stay in solidarity to improve our working conditions both now and into our future and to continually strive to improve our Public Post office in all the communities we serve in Canada.

Stay tuned to your bulletins and here as their will be new developments forthcoming in the days ahead.

In Sol,

CUPW Royal City Local 740